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Director of BUNNEY.
Creative Director for the first apparel line from Transport for London - Roundel London.
Designer and consultant.


photo: Shin Okishima



July 31, 2008


I met up with my friend Simon tonight, designer for Bill Amberg bags, who is helping me with some questions I have about leather. It's sometimes hard to find time to meet up with old friends, but when I do, it always reminds me how important it is to make the time.

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NYC Tee 1

July 26, 2008


Although I found them recently, these are some interesting dayglo Stephen Sprouse promo t-shirts from a party in NYC 5 years ago.
I'm looking forward to the book launch next year.

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July 25, 2008


Late night opening for the latest exhibition at the great Wellcome Collection building - Skeletons.

As an old city, London often undergoes excavations, sometimes uncovering things which have been forgotten for hundreds of years. This exhibition displays a variety of skeletons which died in various ways, and have all been found in recent excavations.

It's very humbling to see skeletons presented in this way, especially many of the physical ailments that people suffered in the past.

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The Hideout All-Star

July 24, 2008


I've been wearing Converse a lot recently, so I am very happy to be working with them on a new project. Here is a new sample of a shoe that I am making - a Converse All-Star for The Hideout. This version appears very simple, the profile is close to the 1960's All-Star style and is made from cotton chambray with triple-stitch construction and no boat-line around the foxing.

The release date is undecided, but please check The Hideout for more info.

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July 23, 2008

I saw Rich and Gorm today from Bullet Creative to talk about a new web project.
A variety of creative work and projects come from their office and Rich is very involved in The Side Effects Of Urethane collective.


Here is one of Rich's personal projects - custom Land Rover for off-road rather than inner city, soon to be used in New Zealand...

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Hand-Dryer Experience

July 20, 2008


In Waterstones Piccadilly yesterday, I experienced the new XLERATOR® hand dryer.
I should have anticipated something special as I could hear the sound one floor away.


Boasting a drying time of 10-15 seconds, I was unprepared for the sheer power - looking at my hands, I was reminded of films where the character experiences extreme G-force.

"The best hand dryer I have ever used."
"I recently used the XLERATOR® hand dryer and was amazed! I have never liked hand dryers until I used the XLERATOR"
"I used the XLERATOR ... and had the hand drying experience of a lifetime! AWESOME!"

Often, the anonymous press quotes sound a little exaggerated, but in this instance, I would agree with them all.

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Let's Get Lost Photo Tee

July 14, 2008


New Bruce Weber t-shirt to commemorate the 20th Anniversary release of 'Lets Get Lost'.

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Summer Heights High

July 13, 2008


Summer Heights High is an Australian faux-documentary-style comedy, created by the comedian Chris Lilley. Shot on location with students and teachers as a normal high-school, it follows the lives of delinquent Tongan teenager Jonah Takalua, Drama teacher Mr. G, and bitchy girl Ja'mie King, all played by Lilley.
I've no idea if or how the humour translates to the US or other audiences, but if you are a fan of the UK show 'The Office', then you will probably enjoy this too.

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The Jago

July 12, 2008


These Made-In-England Lurex Rockabilly socks are from the London store 'Child Of The Jago', recently opened by London icons Barnzley and Joe Corre. Walking back with my friend Daniel yesterday, we were not sure if it is the products that they are making and selling, the characters and personalities in the shop, or that it is simply different and an alternative, but it has a special spirit that is uniquely 'London'.

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Justitia Virtutum Regina - Justice is the Queen of Virtues

July 9, 2008


Since 1300, the Goldsmith's Hall has been responsible for testing the qualities of Gold and Silver.
The term 'Hallmark' originates from craftsmen bringing their goods to the Goldsmith's Hall for testing.


This was the second building, illustrated here in the first half of the 19th century.


This is the third incarnation, which still exists today. This painting is from the second half of the 19th Century.


Today, the building functions much the same, with the Assay office London providing examination and checking of products from coins made by the Royal Mint, or jewellers from small to big companies such as De Beers or Asprey.

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Elephants On Tour

July 6, 2008

Do you remember the Bruce Weber Elephant Family charity t-shirt from a few years ago?
Instigated by W-Magazine, various designers made outfits for Elephants and Weber photographed the Elephants wearing them.


This year, The Elephant Family have a new project - topiary elephants!



Appearing here at St. James' Park, the Elephants are on a tour around various locations in the UK. Next stops are Regents Park followed by Selfridges.


Hiroshi and Chieko say Hello.


The recent projects at the parks have been very good and interactive - Children are especially excited to see the Elephants - yesterday you could spot a group of cub-scouts shading and eating their lunch underneath.


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Victor & Rolf at the Barbican

July 4, 2008


A lot of people have been talking and raving about the Victor & Rolf exhibition at The Barbican, so I went by to check it out.
I knew their clothes as kooky, and apart from a great (wax-seal) logo I didn't really have a great deal of awareness of their work.
Their approach seems much more like that of artists than fashion designers, and the presentation of their signature pieces (on full-size and scale-size dolls in a giant doll-house) straddles the two worlds.
Many of their show pieces and ideas are extreme, but unusually seem to be very easy to commercialise too. This show is very good - so check it out if it opens near you.

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Black Pencils

July 3, 2008


Here are some Black Pencils I bought earlier today at an Exhibition.


I never normally use this style of pencil, but I thought that they look very unusual.
I wonder if they will look when they get sharpened...


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